Entheoscope is an independent biannual magazine interweaving visual art, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction to explore topics and themes surrounding psychedelics. More than just a publication, we are a community of creatives stewarding, documenting, and reclaiming psychedelic culture. Entheoscope aims to publish quality work that reflects a more candid picture of modern psychedelia. We challenge the status-quo, redefine norms, and disobey borders. By celebrating diversity and providing support for artists and writers to explore the creative process, Entheoscope is dedicated to clearing the stage for fringe voices that tend to be left behind by mainstream media. Entheoscope offers a collaborative platform for artists, writers, poets, designers, scientists, and academics from around the world to exchange ideas—to inspire and to be inspired. 


 Entheoscope was established February 2021 as an offshoot project of UCSB’s Psychedelic Club. The project was inspired by a collaboration issue between the club and Eco Vista’s Radicle Zine during the winter quarter of the 2021 academic year. Since then, our team has grown alongside our vision for the magazine.