Interview with Quazi Yasin Billah

Interviewed by: Jacqueline Schwartz

Catch a glimpse into the creative world of the cover artist for our latest issue! Quazi Yasin Billah is a New York-based animator and artist. Our conversation ranges from his introduction to animation, psychedelic experiences, to his personal narrative embodied in his piece 'Warm' (featured on our Issue 4 cover). Billah's work provokes thoughts and conversations about our own definitions of home.

By: Nele Ponce

Explore the theme for the upcoming issue of Entheoscope Magazine with our Editor in Chief, Nele Ponce. This edition will dive deep into the symbiotic relationship between our bodies and space. From the socio-political dynamics of our environments to psychedelic experiences that amplify our interactions, we'll explore how spaces shape our self-perception and worldview.